• Stone wool production lines

    Stone Wool
    Stone wool is considered to be one of the best materials for heat and sound insulation and fire protection.
  • Bulk material handling systems

    Bulk material handling systems
    The company Izoteh is one of the main equipment suppliers for the stone wool production lines and the company has extensive experience in storage and handling of bulk material. We design, fabricate, erect and commission the equipment for our clients all around the world.
  • Air pollution control systems

    Air pollution control systems
    The company Izoteh provides comprehensive solutions from design, production, automatic control and commissioning of air pollution control systems. Our systems are suitable for cupola furnaces in steel and foundry industries, and production of mineral fibers as well.
  • Hydroponics equipment

    Hydroponics Equipment
    Our mission is to successfully implement a greenhouse facilities project.
  • Packaging equipment

    Packaging equipment
    Complete stacking and packaging solutions for mineral wool boards.
  • Radial fans & blowers

    Radial fans
    We have developed two families of radial fans, i.e. the straight blade family type ROT1 and the backward-curved blade family type ROT2.
  • Pipe insulation production lines

    Pipe insulation
    Flexible production units for pipe sections of special concentric sizes.
  • Paving brick & briquette plants

    Paving brick & briquette plants
    More and more concrete products manufactured in dedicated production plants or factories are being used these days.
  • Automation of production lines

    Automation of production lines
    For the purpose of its own technological projects and as an independent activity, Izoteh plans, executes and starts up automtically controlled systems ranging from the level of low voltage power distribution system up to the SCADA supervisory systems.