Bulk material handling systems

Bulk material handling systems
The company Izoteh is one of the main equipment suppliers for the stone wool production lines and the company has extensive experience in storage and handling of bulk material. We design, fabricate, erect and commission the equipment for our clients all around the world.

Storage silo and discharging system

We offer square or bolted smooth wall silos. Our square silos installations are particularly suitable for the storage and converting of dry granular bulk material. Every silo is designed and divided according to a customer’s needs and ensures the optimal product outlet.

Izoteh can offer different discharging systems, such as weight belt feeders for higher feed rates, vibratory feeders or our special discharging system which includes a system for weighing, sieving and charging of bulk materials. The system is perfectly suitable for applications where precise dosing and granulation is required.

Screening systems

Screens are used to separate materials into various sizes for further processing. Izoteh designs and manufactures all ranges of vibrating screening equipment for different industries. Every screening machine has a robust and compact design and meets specific customer needs.

Conveying systems

Our company provides a comprehensive range of different types of conveyors, such as belt conveyors, roller conveyors, screw conveyors, inclined sidewall belt conveyors, elevators, vibrating feeders, lamella conveyors, etc. In order to satisfy customers’ demands, only high quality components are installed in our conveyors to ensure low maintenance and a long lifetime.

Dedusting systems

Izoteh offers complete dedusting systems. Dust arising from all discharge chutes is exhausted and collected in a dust filter. Depending on the filtering application, a cartridge or a bag filter can be used. The selection of the filter cloth and the air-to-cloth ratio is different for varying applications and materials to prevent high pressure drops across filters, poor discharge from filters or dirty filters. Using CFD software for the simulation of fluid flow helps us to optimize the designs.
Bulk material handling systems
Inclined sidewall belt conveyor
Multi-deck screening machine


  • Upgrade to 12 t/h

    Upgrade of several stone wool production lines to 12 t/h finished product capacity within TECHNONICOL corporation and at BASWOOL plant in Ufa, Russia.
  • Start up of a 12 t/h

    Startup of 12 t/h stone wool production line at Tehnonikol plant in Poland, 2021, Russia.
  • Hydroponics equipment

    Hydroponics Equipment
    Implementation of hydroponics equipment for blocks and slabs at IZOVOL plant in Belgorod, Russia.