Automation of production lines

Automation of production lines
For the purpose of its own technological projects and as an independent activity, Izoteh plans, executes and starts up automtically controlled systems ranging from the level of low voltage power distribution system up to the SCADA supervisory systems. Izoteh provides:
  • active cooperation in the technological and mechatronic concept designs for projects;
  • the production of electrical switchboards from power distribution points to control switchboards;
  • the production of software for all levels of automatic control; and
  • the execution of all installation works, testing and system start-ups.
Izoteh has extensive experience in the automaticcontrol of technological processes and machines. We have mastered the guidance of transport and weighing systems, flue gas incineration, filtration systems, mechatronic and robotic systems, etc.

Automatic control is achieved using equipment from recognised manufacturers such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley, Emerson, Fanuc, ABB, Beckhoff, Eaton, Yaskawa, etc.

Industrial machinery and plants

Based on our knowledge of mechatronics and our knowledge of machinery and plant safety, we have an in-depth understanding of the specifics of machinery used for transportation, weighing, dosing, cutting, gluing and stacking, as well as multi-axial machining centres. We help our customers to evaluate risk, draw up electrical wiring plans and guidance plans, select suitable sensors and drive systems, and much more.

When working with multi-axial machining centres, we use state-of-the-art Siemens SIMOTION motion controllers and SINAMICS drives, as well as Scout software and SIMOTION standard applications for programming.

We offer efficient solutions for the control of flying saws, synchronous complex shape cutting machines (e.g. on conveyor belts), multi-axial dedicated Cartesian space, polar, anthropomorphic and delta manipulators for packaging and paletting, etc.

Robotic systems

Izoteh provides solutions in the area of robotic machine feeding, paletting, pick-and-place applications, the removal and machining of light-weight materials and cutting.

When it comes to machining or cutting using a robotic manipulator, we offer solutions which make use of your CAD/CAM data for machining as well as the 5-axis G-code, synchronously cutting while the material is moving and modifying the machining for each individual work piece.

The solutions are presented using 3D simulations to aid with the visualisation of the suitability, speed and integration of the solution into your existing work process.

Computerisation of production processes

Izoteh offers solutions for efficient distributed systems of control, supervision, measurement and identification using various technologies such as BAR, QR and RFID, among others, as the basis for managing the energy consumption and environmental parameters of the company as well as the organisation of the management and maintenance of production processes and the like.
Industrial machinery and plants
Robotic systems
Computerisation of production processes


  • Upgrade to 12 t/h

    Upgrade of several stone wool production lines to 12 t/h finished product capacity within TECHNONICOL corporation and at BASWOOL plant in Ufa, Russia.
  • Start up of a 12 t/h

    Startup of 12 t/h stone wool production line at Tehnonikol plant in Poland, 2021, Russia.
  • Hydroponics equipment

    Hydroponics Equipment
    Implementation of hydroponics equipment for blocks and slabs at IZOVOL plant in Belgorod, Russia.