Air pollution control systems

Air pollution control systems
The company Izoteh provides comprehensive solutions from design, production, automatic control and commissioning of air pollution control systems. Our systems are suitable for cupola furnaces in steel and foundry industries, and production of mineral fibers as well.

Cupola waste gas treatment

Coarse and fine particles are filtered prior to high temperature thermal oxidation of exhaust gases from cupola furnaces. Cupola waste gases are rich in carbon monoxide, which is used as additional fuel in the oxidation chamber. Excess heat is returned through blast air into the cupola.

Waste gas thermal oxidation

Gaseous air pollutants are oxidized at high temperatures in brick or ceramic fiber insulated chambers. Our oxidation chambers are designed to achieve sufficient temperature, residence time and turbulence. Generated heat is commonly reused for the heating of process air, oil or water, or steam generation.

Regenerative thermal oxidation

Regenerative thermal oxidation is used in processes where high quantities of hot exhaust gases are generated and efficient heat recovery is demanded. The units are using ceramic heat transfer media shaped into blocks with large heat exchange surface. Our RTO systems have high heat accumulation capacity and chemical resistance, and achieve thermal efficiency between 93% and 97%.
Air pollution control systems
Filtering systems
Incineration systems


  • Upgrade to 12 t/h

    Upgrade of several stone wool production lines to 12 t/h finished product capacity within TECHNONICOL corporation and at BASWOOL plant in Ufa, Russia.
  • Start up of a 12 t/h

    Startup of 12 t/h stone wool production line at Tehnonikol plant in Poland, 2021, Russia.
  • Hydroponics equipment

    Hydroponics Equipment
    Implementation of hydroponics equipment for blocks and slabs at IZOVOL plant in Belgorod, Russia.